Monday, November 28, 2011

Fete de Dinde: Thanksgiving in France

My apartment hosted a Thanksgiving fete on Saturday.  There was all the usual Thanksgiving foods (minus cranberries...they don't even have cranberry juice here) with some french add-ons. After hosting this huge meal I have so much respect for  all hosts of past and present Thanksgiving. And I didn't even cook everything. I'm happy to say that although away from home and dealing with strange french ingredients (or lack there of) we pulled together a very happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully the magic of Thanksgiving made an impression on our English, Irish, New Zealand and French friends who also attended.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Canteen life

My favorite yaourt

So once a week I eat at my school's canteen. It's a large and scary flashback into my own time I spent at the middle school cafeteria.  Plastic trays, buckets of utensils, running gossipy children all around. However instead of the free for all cafeteria style of different lines for different menu options, pizza, fries, chips, chicken fingers, soda fountain, milk station, cookie station etc, there's one line for the one meal planned for that day.  Everyone waits in one line and for the five course (or more) meal. Check out what I ate for lunch the other Friday.

First course: grapefruit and banana
second course: mushroom quiche
main course: huge fried calamari (didn't want it didn't have a choice), rice and green beans
bread course: bread and cheese
dessert: lil custard creation
apres dessert: yogurt

note: Everyone eats everything, no changing options or refusing. It's noted and looked down upon. French people have supergenes.
Oh and it was 2.50 euros.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I spent the last ten days wwoofing (organic farming) with my friend at an old house outside Libourne (outside Bordeaux). It was such an amazing experience. I built walls (yes wielded a heavy shovel) and mortar-ed (toxic), cooked, sang, and danced with great people. My feelings are too cheesy to post so here are some pictures!