Friday, September 30, 2011

In Limoges

City hall

Oh hello! After a seven hour night journey on American Airlines and a five hour drive down from Paris with my mom we arrived in Limoges.  Although the periphery of Limoges is made up of large outlets, a ropes course, and warehouses, I was very happy to find the center of Limoges very old, but cute and filled with character.  If you spin around wildly for a few minutes it almost could look like Paris.

From talking to locals, eating, and wandering around for a week I've learned that little Limoges is a surprisingly international little city (not american international though-we're rare) with quite a few universities and it's low cost of living attracting students from all over. There's an international song and dance festival in Limoges this week that was being set up, albeit extremely slowly, right outside our hotel.

Limoges wholly breaks the stereotype of the snobby frenchman. The people are so unbelievably welcoming and friendly. Whenever my mom and I were looking at a map on a street corner (a good amount) someone came up and tried to help us out. It's a very safe, quiet little city which makes me happy!

Limoges has an old Medieval area with an old cathedral, winding cobblestone streets and awesome crepes: 

Fun facts I pulled off of wikipedia:

The city was founded by the Romans in 10 BC
Renoir was born here!
Some british pop group wrote a song that mentions Limoges in one line...
Richard I of England was killed by a crossbow near Limoges (bamfs)
Porcelain making started here.
During the holocaust many Jews were evacuated to Limoges

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Oh hi!

This is "Le Blog".

Here you will (hopefully) find little thought bites and experiences from my upcoming journey to France. I will be living in Limoges (don't worry most French people haven't heard of it either) and teaching (like what?) English (I know it) in a public middle school to 13 year olds.

This blog will be about me, food, teaching, "culture", wine, french people, what french people think of me, travels...but probably mainly about food, isn't it always?

So bookmark me, read me, but most to me! Because I will miss you (and may or may not have friends.) See the "write me a letter" link for all my contact information.

When I see you all in seven months or so maybe I will have finally achieved....
Wish me luck. Love you all!